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Welcome on the official website of The Karol Wojtyla Complex of Secondary Schools No 19 in Lodz ( Poland ). The complex consists of following schools:

  • General Secondary School No 46
  • Secondary School with Defined Profile No 19
  • Basic Vocational School No 19
Our school is the oldest secondary school in Lodz. We have above one century tradition. More information you will be able to find below. We are proud of being one of the most popular secondary schools in our city. Sincerely we invite you to recognize our school on this website.

The Short School's History.

The history of the school began 135 years ago. In 1869 the school was founded by in-dustrialists who wanted to have well-educated workers in their factories. So foundation of the school was strictly connected with dynamic development of the textile industry in Lodz. The first name of the school was High Craft School in Lodz and was localized in a building at 4 Liberty Square ( now a building of The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography). The school's name has been changing many times throughout its history but localization has changed only once . In 1903 the school was moved to a new complex of buildings (now at 115 Zeromski Street) which was especially built for growing school's needs and capabilities. This expensive enterprise was supported by the richest industrialists in Lodz. The school is still here. In 2004 the school's name changed to The Karol Wojtyla Complex of Secondary Schools no 19 in Lodz. Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was the name of the Pope John Paul II before he became the Pope.

The School's Structure.

The Karol Wojtyla Complex of Secondary Schools no 19 in Lodz consists of :

General Secondary School No 46

  • General and Humanities
  • Management
  • Natural Science
  • Computer Science

Secondary School with Defined Profile No 19

  • Information Management (Internet Technologies)
  • Clothes Designing (Textile Technologies)

Basic Vocational School No 19

  • Textile industry machine operator
  • Tailor
We teach: English, German and Russian Language.


The school is :
  • to be open to everyone who wants to gain knowledge,
  • to be student friendly,
  • to create great atmosphere for work and study,
  • to provide students with equal chances,
  • to provide students with well organized and attractive lessons carried in classrooms with modern equipment,
  • to offer a variety of after - school activities.


  • stress-free atmosphere,
  • qualified friendly teachers,
  • well equipped computer labs with the access to the Internet and local network,
  • various sport facilities including four gyms with a fitness club a few football pitches,
  • well-stocked library with the Internet,
  • after school activities: poetry, painting, history, the European Union, sport, Internet,
  • school theatre (with its own stage),
  • school magazine office,
  • renowned football team,
  • cheerleaders team,
  • two school buffets and a school club,
  • afternoon activities - computer science and sport.

If you want to co-operate with us, please, feel free to contact us for any further questions or information: sekreteriat(at)zstp.lodz.pl
Sorry for inconvenience but this page is only one in English language on this website. If you wish you can watch our photo galleries here.

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